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Students Selection Criteria & How to Apply

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(as amended by 69th ECSL Board Meeting 13/03/2014)

Places on the Summer Course are limited. In 2015, the ECSL plans to admit a maximum of 40 student applicants and 5 young professional applicants. We inevitably receive many more applications than there are places. In view of the competition for places, the ECSL applies the following criteria in the selection of candidates:

Student applicants (max. 40)

1. Applicants must be enrolled on undergraduate, graduate or PhD courses in Law, Political Science (International Law & Organisations), Economics (Space Sector focus) or other disciplines related to Space Law and Policy. We welcome applications from students with a technical background who can demonstrate an interest in Space Law and Policy.

2. For law student applicants, a sound knowledge of Public International and Private International Law, European Law, and some knowledge of space law are an advantage. Non-law students should show a high level of academic achievement in their field and be able to demonstrate an interest in the regulatory and policy side of space activities.

3. Fluency in spoken and written English.

4. Proven ability to work with other people in a group project.

5. Age: Students older than 27 years will be considered on a non-priority basis.

6. Geographical distribution:
(i) max. 6 Students per ESA Member State;
(ii) max. 5 students per law Faculty;
(iii) up to 5 students from non-ESA Member States (on a non-priority basis); and
(iv) students admitted subject to the approval of the host university and the availability of funds.

7. Recommendation of the applicant’s National Point of Contact (NPOC) or, where students are applying from a State where no NPOC has been established, a supporting letter/reference from the student’s Faculty. (see below on ‘how to apply’ for more details)

Young professional applicants (max. 5)

The ECSL welcomes applications from young professionals coming from ESA Member States with a demonstrable interest in Space Law and Policy and a strong academic background. There are no fixed criteria concerning the particular professional background of individual applicants and each application will be considered on his merits by the ECSL Summer Course Committee.

Non-student applicants must be able to provide proof of funding sufficient to cover the course fees [€1200 in 2015] either personally or from their employer on their behalf.


All applicants, student and young professional, should follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Applicants should apply through the ECSL National Points of Contact (NPOC) listed here.
ALL applicants will be assessed solely on the basis of the information contained in their Application Form and CV. Applicants should therefore address the relevant application criteria [above] as far as possible in those documents.

(i) The applicant should apply through his/her National Point of Contact (corresponding to his/her State of residence/study);
(ii) If there is no NPOC in the applicants’ State of residence/study, then the applicant should contact the NPOC of his/her nationality;
(iii) In the event that the ECSL has not established a National Point of Contact in either the applicants’ State of residence/study OR State of nationality, the applicant should send his/her documents (CV, Application Form & supporting letter from his/her Faculty) to the ECSL Executive Secretary (

Please note, applications which are not received in accordance with this procedure will not be considered.

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