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ESAC Communication & Education Corporate Office

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The growing importance of ESAC, lead to the creation of a dedicated and joint Corporate ESAC Communication and Education Office.

In the area of Communication, the Office is responsible of ESA official communication activities in Spain and Portugal, organisation of ESA launch and major events at the centre and coordination of launch events in major Universities and national institutions, interactions with Media, spokesperson role, management of the ESAC Centre image and communication and support to the Head of ESAC for high-level visits. The ESAC Communication office is planned to be involved in the near future in the context of supporting the definition and implementation of an ESA Knowledge management policy, enlarging then its horizontal role within ESA.

Zero-G Airbus A300 for parabolic flights
Zero-G Airbus A300 for parabolic flights

In the context of Education, ESAC Education Office depends from ESA Corporate Education Office, as in charge of a large number of university level educational activities involving cooperation with almost all ESA Directorates.

The Office manages, in close coordination with the ESA Directorate of Human Space Flight, the ESA Student parabolic flight activity, called Fly Your Thesis! This field of activity was afterwards enlarged to include microgravity and hypergravity research education activities making use of the ZARM drop tower in Bremen, Germany (Drop Your Thesis!) and the ESA Large Diameter Centrifuge, in ESTEC, the Netherlands (Spin Your Thesis!).

The Office also launched in 2009, in close coordination with the ESA Directorate of Navigation, the EDUNAV program, aiming at enlarging education cooperation on the filed of Satellite Navigation at European university level.

ESAC education is also supporting several European Universities offering M.Sc. degrees in space-related fields, providing guidance, educational material and developing system engineering educational tools, in cooperation with several ESA Directorates.

The office launched in 2008 the ESA “PRESTIGE” programme (PRogram in Education for Space, Technology, Innovation and knowledGE) in close coordination with ESA Human resources and ESA Technical Directorate. This program aims at increasing the competence of European universities in areas identified as critical for the space domain, through close research collaboration with ESA.

Finally, the ESAC Education Office supports the International Space University (ISU), Strasbourg, France as well as numerous educational activities in the framework of the International Space Education Board (ISEB), which represent the education offices of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), ESA, JAXA, NASA and CNES.

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