ESA BR-277 Careers: Looking for bright minds

31 August 2010

We highly encourage students and graduates of universities or equivalent institutions to join ESA. If you’re keen on working with us, please read this brochure and check 'Careers at ESA' on the ESA website for current vacancies.
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What does Mercury's surface look like? What is a comet made of? How does climate change influence life on Earth? With your help, ESA aims to find the answers to these and many more exciting questions about our Universe.

ESA offers a unique opportunity to work with a highly dedicated team of scientists, engineers, managers and administrative staff, committed to ensuring that Europe stays at the forefront of the space industry.

If you would like to work in a multicultural environment, with a rich diversity of culture, language and professional backgrounds, then we encourage you to apply for a permanent post. Click ‘Careers at ESA’ on

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