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ESA SP-1335 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability: 2015–16 Report

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At ESA, sustainable development has been promoted and reported upon since 2008. More recently, an ESA Sustainable Development Report has been published every two years, with the aim of keeping the topics of environmental and social responsibility at the forefront of the Agency’s concerns.

Changing the name
To reflect the general trend in extra-financial reporting of companies and organisations, ESA’s regular report on sustainability has been renamed the ‘ESA Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report’. Reporting on corporate responsibility and sustainability together enables ESA to consider the impact it has across a wide range of topics and issues.

This is an essential step before considering how the organisation can deal with these challenges and understand where and how to move forward. The reporting exercise is above all a strong enabler for transparency. It also raises awareness of the risks and opportunities that ESA faces in environmental, social, economic and governance spheres.


Find out more
You can read the complete report via this link. For further information, please do not hesitate to send an email to cosd@esa.int



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