ESA SP-1318 ESA's Report to the 38th COSPAR meeting

31 August 2010

This report for the 38th COSPAR meeting, held on 18–25 July 2010 in Bremen, Germany, covers the missions of ESA’s Science and Robotic Exploration Programme in the areas of astronomy, Solar System science, fundamental physics and, for the first time, robotic exploration of Mars.
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This year’s COSPAR meeting took place just over a year since the simultaneous launch of Herschel and Planck, two of ESA’s most ambitious astrophysics missions. Both are now in full operation, and are providing excellent science to the worldwide scientific community. At that time, in mid-2009, the roster operated by ESA as the sole, leading or junior partner reached an all-time high of 18 space science missions (encompassing 22 individual spacecraft), and currently stands at 17 missions, following the conclusion of both Ulysses and Chandrayaan-1, and the launch of Proba-2 in late 2009.

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