ESA Bulletin 120 (November 2004)

A great deal has been happening in the space world, particularly in the European context, since I last addressed the Bulletin’s readers. The last year has been a very busy and important one for ESA missions, especially within the Scientific Programme. We have launched SMART-1, which went into orbit around the Moon on 15 November, we are already orbiting Mars with Mars Express, we have launched Rosetta towards the comet, and the Huygens Probe will be landing on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, in mid-January. We have sent two European astronauts for stays on the International Space Station (ISS) during the year. We have also been preparing the Ariane-5 ECA launcher for a new qualification flight in January 2005.
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Jean-Jacques Dordain

High Ambitions for an Outstanding Planetary Mission: Cassini-Huygens
Jean-Pierre Lebreton et al.

Mapping Forest
- Fire Damage with Envisat
Federico González-Alonso et al.

Following the Tour de France with EGNOS
Dominique Detain, Michel Tossaint & Jaron Samson

Sharing ESA's Knowledge and Experience
- The Erasmus Experiment Archive
Dieter Isakeit, Massimo Sabbatini & William Carey

Modelling Launcher Aerothermodynamics
- A Vital Capability for Space Transportation
Richard Schwane et al.

Enlarging ESA? - After the Accession of Luxembourg and Greece
Jean-Pol Poncelet, Anabela Fonseca-Colomb & Guilio Grilli

ESA's Industrial Policy after the FINPOL Initiative
Eros Pittarelli

ESA's New Approach to Facilities Management
Angelo Bodini et al.

The 35th COSPAR Assembly
- A Record-Breaking Success
Jean-Paul Paille

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