ESA Bulletin 123 (August 2005)

The Future Launchers Preparatory Programme (FLPP) was approved by the last ESA Ministerial Council and began in February 2004, ending a long period without a programme dedicated to future launchers at the European level. The aim is to prepare the Next Generation Launcher to be operational around 2020. System studies and technology activities therefore need to be conducted, including ground and in-flight tests, to foster new technologies capable of providing high performance and reliability, together with low life-cycle costs. The final choice between an expendable or reeusable type of launch vehicle will be made on the basis of proven technological readiness and consolidated cost and risk assessments.
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The Road to the Next-Generation European Launcher
- An overview of the FLPP
Jürgen Ackermann et al.

The Ariane-5 ECA Heavy-Lift Launcher
Uwe L. Berkes

Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
– Europe’s next space initiative takes shape
Volker Liebig & Josef Aschbacher

Meteosat Third Generation
– The future European geostationary meteorological satellite
Jean-Loup Bézy et al.

Precision Vineyard Management from Space
– From Bacchus to Eneide
Simonetta Cheli, Luigi Fusco & Stefano Sandrelli

Clever Imaging with SmartScan
Valerij Tchernykh et al.

ARTES: The Future of Satellite Telecommunications
Angel González-Blázquez & Dominique Detain

The European Astronaut Centre
– A look back at 15 years of astronautical expertise
Klaus Damian & Michel Tognini

Rosetta: ESA's Comet Chaser Already Making its Mark
Paolo Ferri & Gerhard Schwehm

Information Services to the Scientific Community on the Web
Salim Ansari et al.

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