ESA Bulletin 124 (November 2005)

This issue of the Bulletin takes an in-depth look at the Venus Express mission. The successful launch, the mission, the spacecraft, the science return, as well as the ground segment and mission operations are featured.
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Included in the 'In Brief' section is the article: "ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial Level Charts Europe’s Future Direction in Space" (click the title for direct download).

Venus Express: The Mission Begins

The Venus Express Mission
Donald McCoy, Thorsten Siwitza & Roy Gouka

Venus Express: The Spacecraft
Alistair J. Winton et al.

The Science Return from Venus Express
Håkan Svedhem, Olivier Witasse & Dmitri V. Titov

Venus Express Ground Segment and Mission Operations
Manfred Warhaut & Andrea Accomazzo

ESA’s New Cebreros Station Ready to Support Venus Express
Manfred Warhaut, Rolf Martin & Valeriano Claros

The Roadmap for a GMES Operational Oceanography Mission
Mark Drinkwater et al.

A Tsunami Early-Warning System
– The Paris Concept
Manuel Martin-Neira & Christopher Buck

EGNOS Operations and Their Planned Evolution
Laurent Gauthier et. al.

The BGAN Extension Programme
Juan J. Rivera, Eyal Trachtman & Madhavendra Richharia

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