ESA Bulletin 125 (February 2006)

The first issue of 2006 covers a wide range of topics which include: the Giotto mission, Mars Express, Biomimetics, Earth Observation benefits, Ionia: DUE Project Outreach, Communications for ESA Ground Stations and, last but not least, the resolutions adopted at the ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial Level.
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Twenty Years after Giotto
– ESA’s pioneering mission to Comet Halley
Gerhard Schwehm

One Martian Year in Orbit?
– The science from Mars Express
Agustin Chicarro

– A new approach to space system design
Carlo Menon, Mark Ayre & Alex Ellery

Earth Observation Market Development?
– Benefits to industry
Gabriela Seiz et al.

– A tool for Data User Element project outreach
Marc Paganini et al.

New Communications Solutions for ESA Ground Stations
Manfred Bertelsmeier & Gioacchino Buscemi

Resolutions Adopted at The ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial Level

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