ESA Bulletin 128 (November 2006)

This issue of ESA's Bulletin covers a broad range of topics. Preparations for the Herschel and Planck space telescopes are well advanced, aiming to uncover the secrets of the cold Universe and probe back in time close to the Big Bang.
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The Integral space observatory has long been revealing dramatic events in space, in this issue highlighting a neutron star that is eating away at its companion. How observations of Earth from space is helping to study and protect the environment is covered in two articles.

ESA's new super-cold freezer is now installed and working aboard the International Space Station. ESA's European Astronaut Centre is busy preparing astronauts for spacewalks. European expertise in atmospheric reentry is being built with the Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle.

Agenda 2011

Unveiling the Universe
– Two Missions to Unlock the Secrets of the Cold Cosmos
Gerald Crone et al.

Cannibalism in Space: A Star Eats its Companion
– A (Typical?) Integral Observation of the High-Energy Sky
Christoph Winkler et al.

MELFI Ready for Science
– ESA’s -80°C Freezer Begins Work in Space
Maria De Parolis et al.

Preparing for Space
– EVA Training at the European Astronaut Centre
Hans Bolender et al.

Taking the Measure of Earth
– 15 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry
Jérôme Benveniste & Yves Ménard

Healing the Earth
– Earth Observation Supporting International Environmental Conventions
Olivier Arino, Diego Fernandez-Prieto & Espen Volden

IXV: the Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle
– Europe Among the World Players in Atmospheric Reentry
Giorgio Tumino & Yves Gerard

– A New Technique for ESA’s Deep Space Navigation
Javier Benedicto et al.

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