On Station (Issue 18, November 2004)

The outgoing Director of Human Spaceflight reviews the status of current programmes as he hands over to the incoming Director of Human Spaceflight, Microgravity & Exploration. This issue also covers the results and events of Europe's most recent astronaut mission to the International Space Station, and looks at the preparations for the debut of the Automated Transfer Vehicle.


Farewell MSM – Hello HME
Jörg Feustel-Büechl / Daniel Sacotte

Delta: A Dutch Milestone
Gerrit van der Wees

Delta: Flight Report
André Kuipers

Delta: Mission Report
Aldo Petrivelli

Delta: Science Report
Rolf P. de Groot &Marc Heppener

‘Jules Verne‘ Takes Shape
Patrice Amadieu

ATV Ahoy!
Hans Bolender et al.

Window on the Universe
Philippe Deloo & Doriana Buffa

Material Progress
Marco Martella et al.

ISS Education
Fiona Wilson

What is EAC?
Ernst Messerschmid

ISS Education Programme
Project: Zero Gravity

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