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Cool Comet Campaign: Rules, regulations and other small print

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On 15 June, ESA will mark a quarter-century of comet science and say (temporarily) 'good night' to Rosetta with a special event at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany. One talented Twitter user will be selected to join us as special guest at the event.

Between now and 9 June, you're invited to tell us, via Twitter, why comets are cool.

To participate

Using your Twitter account, tweet your original answer to the question: "Why comets are cool?" — and include the #coolcomet hashtag. Text is limited to 130 characters plus #coolcomet = 140 characters. Tweets that exceed 140 characters will be disqualified.

Enter just once from a single Twitter account; any subsequent entries from the same twitter account or same entrant will be ignored.

Your tweet may also include a single URL, or weblink, that links to a 'non-text' submission, such as a picture, image, photo, animation, video, audio file or any other sort of digital content. Maybe you can sing a song about comets, and submit a link to a video of you singing in YouTube? (The judges will look unfavourably on any content that takes longer than 3 minutes to view).

Deadline for entering

Submissions must be tweeted by 17:00 CEST 9 June; the winner will be announced after 12:00 CEST on 10 June (via Twitter).


Participation is open to citizens and permanent residents of ESA Member States and the USA who are already 18 years of age or older. The official campaign language is English. Submissions may be made in any ESA Member State language.


Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries, as judged by the Rosetta team at ESOC. Prizes may not be substituted and comprise only:

  • First: travel to ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany, and special guest invitation to comet event on the evening of 15 June (max value limited to €1000)
  • Second: Rosetta tee-shirt, poster, ball cap and coffee mug
  • Third: ESA memory stick

Second- and third-place winners must supply a postal address to receive their prize.

Terms and conditions

By submitting a tweet to enter the campaign, participants:

  • Agree that ESA may publicise their name, photo, home town and entry.
  • Certify that their submission (text, audio, video, picture or any other content) is an original work of their own and has not been copied from anyone else.
  • Must be free to travel to ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany, 14–15 June.
  • Must provide a copy of their passport or national ID prior to departure.
  • Must certify they have their own travel and health insurance covering their journey.
  • Agree that the European Space Agency is in no way liable for any claim for damages emanating from personal actions while at ESOC.

Judge's decisions are final. The campaign may be cancelled at any time at ESA's discretion. Use the #coolcomet hashtag just once, please — only the first use will be considered as your entry and all other occurrences will be ignored. Submissions containing rude, obscene or off-topic language will be ignored.


Send a tweet mentioning '@esaoperations' plus your question.

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