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The European Centre for Space Records (ECSR) was established at ESRIN in 2002. Its mission is to collect relevant documentation from all ESA establishments, and to appraise and preserve the valuable technical records of completed ESA projects together with their management archives.

The specifically built ECSR facilities safeguard the original contracts and the final reports provided by industry once a study relevant to an ESA project is completed. Documents relating to patents for inventions made by ESA staff members in the course of their duties are also available at the Centre.

ESA’s archives are organised, constructed and managed in a way that reflects the Agency’s organisation, programmes and activities, thus making it possible to follow their evolution.

The Centre ensures that the invaluable knowledge and know how accumulated over the years is not lost, but preserved and transmitted for the benefit of the scientific and research community, industry and citizens of ESA Member States. By documenting the Agency’s many achievements ECSR guarantees that this information remains available for all those with a legitimate interest in Europe’s space programmes.

As a member of the International Council on Archives, Section for Intergovernmental Organisations, ESA is committed to carry out its records and archives management activities according to the best professional standards, while ensuring transparency and efficient administration.