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Saving Earth Science data for future generations

20/10/2010 597 views 1 likes
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Since long time series of datasets are needed to determine changes in our planet’s climate, it is vital that Earth observation satellite data and other Earth Science data are preserved for future generations and are still accessible and usable after many years.

Earth observation (EO) data archives are extending from a few years to decades and their scientific value is continuously increasing. ESA is currently running a Long Term Data Preservation Programme (LTDP) for an initial period of three years and is coordinating an initiative at the European level aimed at creating a collaborative framework to ensure the preservation, accessibility and usability of European EO data.

The goal is to enlarge the LTDP framework to include the Earth Science data and service-provider communities.

Earth Science data users have gathered at ESRIN, ESA’s EO centre, in Frascati, Italy, to discuss user needs and requirements for the long-term preservation of Earth Science data. Other discussions will focus on LTDP’s current and future activities.

Watch the live stream of the event here.

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