Transport to and from ESTEC

A shuttle bus service is available from ESTEC to Schiphol airport from Monday to Friday. 

The meeting point for the shuttle bus is at the large red and white cube in the arrival area.

A one-way voucher costs €13.50. Vouchers can be purchased on the bus, but purchasing them beforehand at the ESTEC reception would help to significantly reduce the waiting time. Payment by credit card is not currently possible.

Several vouchers may be purchased beforehand. The bus driver will give the traveller a voucher which serves as a receipt.

ESTEC to Schiphol
Departure from ESTEC Reception
Monday to Friday

Schiphol to ESTEC
Departure from Schiphol meeting point
Monday to Friday

Reservations should be made at least one hour in advance directly with ESTEC Reception, tel.+31-71-565 4000, or Taxi Brouwer, tel. +31-71-361 1000.

Hotel Shuttle bus service

All visitors to ESTEC staying in one of the six major hotels in Noordwijk can make use of the ESTEC Hotel Shuttle. Reservations are not necessary as the shuttle leaves at fixed times. If you travel with more than one person, please inform in advance. The schedule of the ESTEC Hotel Shuttle is as follows:

Noordwijk to ESTEC
Morning Schedule
Tuesday to Friday:                          

1st          2nd        3rd       Morning route
07:43     08:20     08:57     Hotels van Oranje (corner Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard/Schuitegat)
07:45     08:22     08:59     Golden Tulip Noordwijk Beach
07:47     08:24     09:01     Prominent Inn Hotel (corner Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard/Olieburg)
07:50     08:27     09:04     Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin (in front of the overhead roof/canopy)
07:52     08:29     09:06     Alexander Hotel
07:54     08:31     09:08     Palace Hotel
08:06     08:43     09:20     Estec Gatehouse (passengers without a badge must leave the Hotel Shuttle here)
08:08     08:45     09:22     Estec Main Reception

Extra morning shuttle   

08:20                     Heeren van Noortwijck
08:23                     Hotel Admiraal
08:30                     Hotel Royal
08:40                     ESTEC Gatehouse (passengers without a badge leave the Hotel Shuttle)
08:42                     ESTEC Main Reception  

ESTEC to Noordwijk
Afternoon Schedule
Departure from ESTEC Reception
Monday to Thursday:                    

1st          2nd        3rd         Afternoon return route
16:30     17:15     18:00     Estec Main Reception
16:44     17:29     18:14     Palace Hotel
16:46     17:31     18:16     Alexander Hotel
16:48     17:33     18:18     Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin (in front of the overhead roof/canopy)
16:52     17:37     18:22     Hotels van Oranje (corner Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard/Schuitegat)
16:54     17:39     18:24     Golden Tulip Noordwijk Beach
16:55     17:40     18:25     Prominent Inn Hotel (corner Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard/Olieburg) 

A one-way voucher costs €4.50. Again a voucher will be given by the driver which serves as a receipt. Vouchers can only be purchased using cash, please have the correct amount at hand if possible. No credit card or PIN cards are accepted.

Shuttle holiday dates

Please note that the shuttles will not be running on the following dates:

Christmas holidays: 21 December 2015 up to and including 8 January 2016
Spring holidays: 20 February up to and including 28 February 2016
Good Friday: 25 March 2016
Easter Monday: 28 March 2016
Kings Day: 27 April 2016
May holidays: 2 May up to and including 16 May 2016
Summer holidays: 25 July up to and including 29 August 2016
Christmas holidays: 26 December 2016 up to and including 8 January 2017 

Taxi Service

Location: A-Building Entrance (Aa008)
Tel. +31 (0) 71-565 4000
Hours: 08:00-18:00

Please phone or email giving the taxi pick-up time, passenger name(s) and final destination; there are five separate pick-up points, so please ask Reception which one best suits your location.

Advance notice should be given if possible to ensure a taxi can be arranged. For advance notice, the address for pick-up and a contact telephone number are also needed.

Last update: 22 March 2016

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