“Beyond the Earth”, Milan, Italy

"Beyond the Earth"
13 October 2008

From September 18 to December 28 2008, Milan is hosting a free outdoor exhibition of 100 large images entitled “Beyond the Earth” - “Oltre la Terra”.

In the heart of the city centre (Via Dante and Piazza Cordusio), the exhibition is illuminated at night, and can be visited around the clock, 7 days a week.

This exhibition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Italian Space Agency, ASI and promotes 2009, International Year of Astronomy. “Beyond the Earth” is presented by ASI and the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics, INAF, in cooperation with the European Space Agency, ESA, and with the support of Carlo Gavazzi Space.

100 space images

Walking through the city centre, close to Milan Cathedral, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about ESA’s main activities and relive the emotions of European firsts that have marked the history of space. We rediscover the encounter with a comet in 1986, the landing of the Huygens probe on Saturn’s moon Titan in 2005, the docking of Europe’s Columbus laboratory to the International Space Station and the launch of the first Automated Transfer Vehicle, ATV, that carries supplies to the ISS.

Ariane 5 launch

A selection of 100 photos illustrates some of the most intriguing space missions: from deep space to our planetary neighbours, from the Milky Way to the Moon, from the Sun to the birth of new stars, from Galileo, the first European satellite navigation programme to advanced research in telecommunications; from launchers to human spaceflight.

A special section is dedicated to spectacular images of our Earth seen by satellites, reminding us that we are just a small speck in the Universe, carried along on a far-reaching journey.

The giant "Space Quiz"

After having seen these dramatic large images, the public has the opportunity to learn more about European space activities in a pavilion, where they may watch spectacular 3D images of the International Space Station, leaf through the pages of ESA’s interactive “Magic Books” and take part in a giant “Space Quiz” laid out on a surface 12 x 6m.

Close look on Europe

“Beyond the Earth” has been produced by ANUA, an Italian Association for Nature, Mankind and Environment (Associazione per la Natura , l’Uomo e l’Ambiente), as part of a series of “Great Outdoor Exhibitions ®”, organised every year on different themes, all related to Sustainable Development.

Such events attract a large number of people and it is expected that over 3 million people will visit this new exhibition in the coming months.

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