Download instructions

Files available for free download from the ESA Exhibitions site can be heavy and may take some time to download, depending on connection speed and size of file.

Explorer 6.0 or later (PC)

To download material from this site you need to install Active X Control from Akamai Technologies. When requesting download of material for the first time, a message will appear in the Information Bar at the top of the screen asking you to install Active X Control. Once installation is complete, the ESA Download Manager will automatically be installed and the icon will appear on the desktop.

Active X control

Do you want to install this software?

Desktop icon for Download Manager

Each time you download a file, the system will ask you to select the folder where you wish to save the file.

Save as …

When a folder is selected the ESA Download Manager will automatically open and download begin. The ESA Download Manager provides information on the size of the file, where it is stored and shows the progress of the download.

ESA Download Manager

Other browsers (PC and MAC)

When downloading files from the ESA Exhibitions site using other browsers the file will automatically start to download as soon as you click on “download this image”. Once the download is complete the file can then be saved.

Last update: 15 February 2007

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