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ESA at Ecsite 2018

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Ecsite is the European network for science centres and museums, and has more than 350 members.

Since 2012, Ecsite and ESA have been combining their strengths, networks and capabilities in order to share European space programmes and achievements in space with their members.

The Group, that includes today more than 190 science centres and museums, meets twice a year: during the Ecsite Annual Conference, and for the Space Group Annual Meeting, that takes place at an ESA establishment facility or a science centre.

Ecsite Annual conference 2018

‘Creative Collisions’ is the theme of Ecsite’s annual conference 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, on 5–9 June.  

The conference, hosted by the Science History Museum in Geneva, is expected to attract more than 1000 participants. It is open to all professionals working in science centres or museums, universities, research institutes, European institutions and private companies.

The Space Group workshop ‘Space for Life - Focus: Is there life out there? Develop and share resources’, organised by ESA and Ecsite, takes place on 5–6 June at CIC Centre International de conferences in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Participants test the 'Alive game'
Participants test the 'Alive game'

Representatives of science centres and museums will work together for two days on a programme that includes: 

Day 1

  • ESA Latest news
  • ESA and Ecsite Space Group resources such as the cooperative print-and-play 'Alive!' board game developed by City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain, including an opportunity to play the game
  • an interactive discussion on innovative ways of communicating about life in the Universe (with potential links to storytelling, immersive experiences, gamification, pop culture and science fiction), drawing on the experience of the Ecsite Space Group community.
  • showcase space projects by participants.


Day 2
Participants will have the opportunity to visit two facilities of the Department of Astronomy of the University of Geneva: the Observatory of Sauverny and Écogia, host of the Integral Science Data Centre, at the forefront of Swiss space research, including exoplanetary research. 

Space group panel session

On 7 June, the Space Group will hold a panel session that aims to explore how space science and technology contributes to the preservation of our planet and to delivering the United Nations' Agenda 2030, embodied by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

More information at: 

ESA Exhibition

ESA and the Ecsite Space Group will be present at the Ecsite Business Bistro, a place where professionals and institutions can present and share new communication tools.

The area will also present information on the support ESA gives to SDGs, and future projects.

The Space Group

The Ecsite Space Group, founded with ESA’s help in 2012, now comprises more than 190 museums and science centres. It facilitates cooperation among science centres, museums, research institutions, universities, national space agencies and industries all over Europe. Together they design projects to better share European space activities with the general public thanks to the strong support provided by European science centres and museums. 

The Space Group is led by Marc Moutin, Director of Exhibitions at Cité de l’Espace, Toulouse, France; Ana Noronha, Executive Director of Ciência Viva, Lisbon, Portugal; and Maria Menendez, Head of ESA Corporate Exhibitions and Events. 

To join the group or for further information, please email

For further information about ESA participation, please contact:

Maria Menendez
Head of Corporate Exhibitions and Events

Barbara Budassi
Coordinator for Ecsite Space Group for ESA

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