ESA at “Eana, Land of Possibility”

Official inauguration of Eana
11 July 2008

"Eana, Land of Possibility", is the first theme park dedicated to sustainable development in France and was officially inaugurated last June in the presence of its patron, ESA astronaut Jean François Clervoy.

Immersed in nature in the heart of the Seine Valley, Normandy, Eana has over 60 hectares of stunning gardens surrounding the ancient Abbey of Valasse.


Now open to the public, "Eana" or “Mother Earth” in the Sami language of Lapland, presents our planet from its origins to the year 2050, underlining the interdependence and complex relationship between human activity and nature.

The park aims to sensibilise and inform the public about one of the crucial environmental issues we currently face: sustainable development, in order to preserve our environment and resources for future generations.

Interactive display

ESA and the French space agency, CNES, are currently present at Eana in the « Pavilion of Innovation » with a temporary exhibit of models, data and images of Earth observation satellites to explain the key-role played by space technology in monitoring and managing our planet in the 21st century.

Envisat, the largest Earth Observation spacecraft ever built, and other European satellites continuously monitor our oceans, land, air and ice, providing answers to questions that will affect future generations and making information from space available to everyone for building a better and safer world.

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