Ecsite 2012, Cité de l'Espace, Toulouse

ESA meets science museums at Ecsite conference at Gothenburg, Sweden

30 May 2013

« Dreams, the Spirit of Innovation » is the theme of Ecsite’s annual conference 2013 that will take place in Gothenburg from 4 to 8 June. Ecsite, the European Network of Science Centres and Museums, is a non-profit European network that brings together more than 400 Science centers and museums in 50 countries. It was founded 20 years ago through projects and activities that facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practice of science communication current issues.

Ecsite workshop « Are You Ready for Rosetta? »

Further to the approval of the Space Thematic Group by the Ecsite Board in November 2012, ESA is now working with more than 30 science museums from 12 ESA Member States on the development of communication tools on the theme selected for 2012 which is the Rosetta mission.

The Ecsite Space group is led by Marc Moutin, Director of Exhibitions at Cité de l'Espace, Ana Noronha, Executive Director of Ciência Viva, Lisbon, Portugal, and Maria Menendez, Head of ESA Exhibitions and Images.

Conveners of the workshop

A pre-conference workshop entitled « Are You Ready for Rosetta? » is being organised by Ecsite on 4-5 June at the Swedish Conference Centre Gothenburg to highlight collaborations with museums across Europe and to select three collaborations – exhibitions, events and education - around the Rosetta mission.

Key speakers will be present : Fernando Doblas, Head of ESA Communication Department ;
Mark McCaughrean, Head of ESA's Research and Scientific Support Department, Monica Talevi, Head of Coordination and Outreach Unit; a rapresentative from the Swedish National Space Board and Marie Rådbo, Assoc. Prof. of Astronomy at the University of Gothenburg.

ESA will also be present at the traditional Ecsite Business Bistro, a place for professionals and institutions to present new science communication tools. This year, the ESA stand will be the ideal platform for the Space Group to plan and discuss future activities.

ESA and Ecsite working together

Business Bistro, Ecsite 2012

In 2013, ESA and Ecsite are uniting their strengths in terms of content, networks and capacities in order to reach a large European audience. Together, they will define a partnership project aiming at promoting European space activities. This project will be based on the networking capacity of both and on the communications resources of ESA and the European space sector.

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