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ESA at FIA 2016 - Programme of key events

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ESA will be present at the Farnborough International Airshow on 11–17 July in the Space Zone
 in Hall 3.

A joint exhibition together with the UK Space Agency and UK space industry will focus on upcoming space missions and will feature recent results and achievements across the space sector.

Tuesday, 12 July - Space Day

10.00-13.00 tbc
A programme of events on the joint ESA/UK Space Agency/UK industry exhibition stand in the Space Zone.  


Signature of the contract for the continued development of the SABRE - Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine - Phase 3B programme,
between ESA and Reaction Engines Ltd, UK

The SABRE rocket engine has been under development for a number of years, funded by a combination of private investment and UK Government/ESA technology development contracts. The current programme (phase 3a) will conclude with the System Requirements Review (SRR) in quarter 3 2016 and was proceeded by an earlier development programme ( Phases 1 and 2) which led to the successful demonstration of a number of key engine technologies, particularly the air pre-cooler, which was fundamental to the concept. The SABRE design has been under continuous ESA assessment and technical management since 2008.

Exploration Showcase – Signature of the Prospect B+ Contract between ESA and Leonardo

PROSPECT is one of three elements of early lunar exploration activities of ESA: PILOT, PROSPECT, and SPECTRUM. While SPECTRUM and PILOT enable navigation, communication, and lunar landing technologies, PROSPECT will allow Europe to analyse the Moon’s subsoil for the very first time to understand its resources.

Location: Space Zone, Hall 3 – ESA/UK Space Agency/UK Space Industry exhibition stand.


Friday, 15 July - Futures Day

ESA/UK Space Agency Press conference with ESA astronaut Tim Peake
Location Media Centre, Hall 1, Cody Room

Media interested in attending need to apply for accreditation by Friday 1 July:
 After that date, please contact ESA's office in the UK to be accredited by them:

11.00-12.30 tbc
Inauguration of the Futures Day
and a programme of events with Jan Woerner, the ESA Director General, David Parker, the Director for Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration, and ESA astronaut Tim Peake.
Location: ESA/UK Space Agency/UK Space industry exhibition stand, Space Zone, Hall 3

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