New step in the fairness of ESA's procurement process

31 July 2009

By introducing a procurement review mechanism in ESA's Procurement Regulations, Member States together with the Director General have once more reemphasised the importance for ESA to carry out its procurements within the prevailing principles of transparency, impartiality and non-discrimination.

Central to an independent monitoring of these principles is the role of the ESA Industrial Ombudsman. The competences of the Ombudsman are extended to cover the resolutions of pre-contractual problems between ESA, industries and research institutes.

In view of the expanded competence of the Ombudsman, the function can no longer be held by a single person. In this respect, ESA in collaboration with its Member States and industry is seeking high-profile candidates.

More information:

Alain Gaubert, ESA Industrial Ombudsman
13, rue de l’Esperance
75013 Paris

Tel:+33 662 11 83 00
Fax: +33 170 71 95 78
Email: ioesa @

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