SME access to ESA facilities and laboratories

ESA’s facilities can be used by external organisations, companies, universities, research institutes and national agencies from ESA Member States. It must be emphasised, however, that due to the Agency’s heavy workload and given that ESA programmes take priority, it may not always be possible for SMEs to obtain access.

To assist SMEs, ESA has conceived a special charging policy for the use of its facilities by SMEs that is favourable to them. This policy has been endorsed by ESA's Administrative and Finance Committee, and the ESA Council. Under this policy only ’marginal costs’ are charged to SMEs with no overheads added.

ESA’s laboratories and test facilities are put to a number of uses by SMEs including:

  • off-gassing
  • thermal cycling
  • EMC testing
  • optical calibration
  • thermal vacuum

Many SMEs have been able to benefit from ESA’s preferential rates. Their main needs are for access to ESA laboratories and smaller test facilities.

More information on ESA laboratories and facilities is available on ESA’s Technical and Quality Management website.

Last update: 5 December 2006

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