ESA and copyright

Photographic views are protected

Copyright laws deal with a large variety of intellectual work. As far as ESA is concerned, copyright mostly relates to publications, conferences, audiovisual works, graphical works, pictures and videos. It applies also to software, web design, databases - particularly those for remote sensing - and satellite broadcasting.

Copyright of ESA videos and images

Organisations or individuals outside ESA wanting to use an ESA video or image should first check whether it is a work for which ESA holds the copyright. In cases where ESA holds the copyright then information on whether the image or video can be reproduced and under what conditions can be found on the ESA Multimedia Gallery webpage.

If ESA does not hold the copyright then a request should be sent to the owner of the work requesting authorisation for its use. If the work is for publication in any way then credit should be given to the owner of the work. It should always be borne in mind that even if a work does not appear to have a copyright notice, it could still be covered by copyright and any use of work without authorisation from the author is an infringement of their rights.

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