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Ministerial Council Meetings

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Ministerial Council, Naples, 2012

ESA concluded its Council meeting at ministerial level in Naples, Italy. Ministers from ESA’s 20 Member States and Canada allocated €10 billion for ESA’s space activities and programmes for the years to come. 

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Ministerial Council, The Hague, 2008

The Ministers in charge of space activities in the ESA's 18 Member States and Canada met at the two-day Council meeting in The Hague, agreeing to undertake new initiatives in several fields and endorsing the next phases of a set of ongoing programmes.

Ministerial Council, Berlin, 2005

At the Ministerial Council in Berlin in 2005, from left to right: Hans de Groene, Chair Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, Jean-Jacques Dordain, Karlheinz Kreuzberg and European Commissioner Günter Verheugen.

Ministerial Council, Paris, 2003

At the Ministerial Council in Paris in 2003, from left to right: Jean-Jacques Dordain, then Director of Launchers, ESA Director General Antonio Rodotà and Chair of Council at Ministerial Level Edelgard Bulmahn.

Ministerial Council, Edinburgh, 2001

At the Ministerial Council in Edinburgh in 2001, from left to right: Jean-Pol Poncelet, Daniel Sacotte, Antonio Rodotà, Romano Prodi and Edelgard Bulmahn.

Ministerial Council, Toulouse, 1995

François Fillon, French Minister for Telecommuications and Space(now French Prime Minister) and ESA Director General Jean-Marie Luton at the Council at Ministerial Level, Toulouse, 1995.

Ministerial Council, The Hague, 1987

ESA Director General Reimar Lüst and Heinz Riesenhuber, Chair of the Council at Ministerial Level, The Hague, 1987.

Ministerial Council, Rome, 1985

ESA Director General Reimar Lüst and Gijs van Aardenne, Chair of the Council at Ministerial Level, Villa Madama, Rome, 1985.

Ministerial Council, Paris, 1977

ESA Director General Roy Gibson and Mario Pedini, Chair of the Council meeting at Ministerial Level, Paris, 1977.

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