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Space for competitiveness and growth

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ESA / About Us / Ministerial Council 2012

Space plays a pivotal role in modern societies and has an increasing impact on our way of life. It multiplies growth and economic development in many other sectors and the value of its activities is increasingly measured in terms of leverage on the economy and society.

At this time of unprecedented economic challenges, space has proven to be an anchor of stability and a counterbalance to negative trends.

Through technology developments, space contributes to innovation. Through the manufacturing and applications industry, it creates highly qualified jobs consistently, contributing to Europe's growth and competitiveness in world markets. Through the utilisation of space data and their combination with other data, space is at the origin of the development of new services that contribute to the growth of more and more social and economic fields.

Boosting the competitiveness of the European space industry and operators in world markets, whether in infrastructures or services and boosting space-based services compared to ground-based services, will contribute to growth in Europe.

Space is also a strategic asset for Europe and an indispensable tool for science, providing fundamental knowledge on climate, gravity, life and magnetism, all scientific domains ruling life on Earth.

More than a public good, space is inextricably a force of inspiration, strengthening European identity when collectively facing today’s challenges.

For almost 40 years, Member States have invested in space programmes through ESA, producing a continuous series of remarkable accomplishments. This success has raised the interest of the EU in using space for implementing a growing number of European policies, making it an important actor of the European space sector together with ESA, Member States and industry.

ESA Ministers, gathering at Council in Naples, will decide on programmes and policies, and focus the European space effort towards innovation, growth and job creation. They can design the future of ESA within an evolving Europe in order to maximise its value and contribute to the global efficiency of the whole European space sector.

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