Space 4.0i

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ESA / About Us / Ministerial Council 2016

Space 4.0 is adapted to an ESA-specific derivative, ‘Space 4.0i’, which describes the way ESA will play its role as a space agency for Europe.

Space 4.0i combines the described global situation of space developments with the ‘i’ standing for an ESA-specific interpretation of the tasks:

  • ESA innovates - through more disruptive and risk-taking technologies
  • ESA informs - through the reinforcement of the link with large public and user communities
  • ESA inspires - through the launch of new initiatives and programmes, both current and future generations
  • ESA interacts - through enhanced partnerships with Member States, European institutions, international players and industrial partners 


By adopting and implementing the policies and programmes outlined here, ESA will be in the optimal position to drive the realisation of a ‘united space in Europe’ in this era of Space 4.0, by following Space 4.0i (innovating, informing, interacting and inspiring) for the benefit of European citizens and the European economy.