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ESA’s new ‘Farmageddon’ collection with Shaun the Sheep

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We’re celebrating the release of the second Shaun the Sheep movie, Farmageddon, which has a space theme leaning heavily on popular science fiction, with a special edition ESA Space Shop collection for the whole family.

For Farmageddon, ESA partnered with producers Aardman Animations and distributor StudioCanal to prepare the lead cast member Shaun for his first spaceflight. Flying on an Airbus 'Zero G' parabolic flight, he was able to train under ‘weightless’ conditions to prepare for his role as a space traveller.

The cooperation highlights the similar qualities of the world’s first ovine astronaut, such as acceptance of others, welcoming the unknown, curiosity and common sense, shared with his human counterparts. 

ESA Space Shop’s special edition Farmageddon collection includes three designs inspired by Shaun’s successful microgravity training flight and his movie:

1.  Go ‘lunar’ with the ‘Shaun the Astronaut’: Shaun is wearing his ESA astronaut flightsuit, and going #ForwardToTheMoon (and then back to Mossy Bottom) in this great Moon design.

2.  Beam yourself up with the ‘Space-bound Shaun’ design, which features Shaun in his ESA astronaut flightsuit getting pulled up into Lu-La’s spaceship [Was this a ‘tractor beam’? – Ed].

3.  The ‘Shaun and Lu-La’ classic design pays tribute to the Farmageddon movie with Shaun and Lu-La in this Aardman image as the focal point.

Kids and adults alike will love this collection, which includes 100% organic T-shirts, long-sleeve T-shirts and hoodies, as well as mugs and bags, all available at the ESA Space Shop.

The apparel and bags are also branded with both ESA and Farmageddon logos and icons marking the cooperation between ESA and Aardman. These include icons from the ESA Kids website, where Shaun is featured on his zero-g flight, while the Farmageddon branding features icons from Lu-La’s spaceship.

Be sure to visit the ESA Kid’s website to join Shaun for some fun activities. Go to @esaspaceshop on Twitter and Facebook and tell us which is your favourite Shaun-in-space moment from the film and you could win some great ESA-Farmageddon gear!

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