Ariadna Call for Proposals 2013

21 January 2013

ESA's Advanced Concepts Team just released one Ariadna Call for Proposals on the following three topics :

  • Automatic Extraction and Characterization of Structures in Area-preserving Maps,
  • Space-based femtosecond laser filamentation,
  • Climate tipping points: Detection and analysis of patterns using an ordinal regression approach.

Ariadna studies are particularly well suited for PECS universities since they are deliberately targeting research communities not necessarily yet linked to space or ESA in any way. Universities are not required to have in depths knowledge of space science and technology, which will be provided by the team where needed.
These specific calls are targeting university researchers interested to join the ACT for some months of collaborative joint research.

For more information on these calls, please consult the Ariadna Web Site :
Ariadna is a scheme developed for collaborative research with universities on advanced research topics which is administratively streamlined so that the focus is almost entirely only on the specific topics.

In case of interest, it might be useful to consult the final reports of past Ariadna studies on the ACT website to better understand the type and scope of Ariadna studies.

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