Security procedures

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ESA / About Us / Security at ESA

Security has high priority at ESA and all visitors are kindly asked to comply with the Agency's security regulations.

When visiting an ESA site first go to the Reception Area where you will be asked who you have come to see. This person will then be contacted to advise them of your arrival and to ensure that they are expecting you. If you are visiting ESA for a meeting or conference the guards will have a list of all those attending and your name will be checked against this before you are issued with a Visitor's Badge.

Before being issued with a Visitor’s Badge you will be asked to provide a photo identity document. In some ESA Establishments, your ID document may be retained by the guards until you return at the end of your visit and hand in your Visitor’s Badge. This badge should be worn at all times whilst visiting ESA, be clearly visible and returned before leaving the premises.

A leaflet giving safety and security instructions is given to all visitors. This contains information specific to the site and the number to be called in an emergency: 3333.

Visitors will notice that areas within ESA premises have security markings in different colours. These are the same for all sites and denote the level of security in that particular area.