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SPACEBRAINS inaugural gala dinner (cancelled)

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(Updated September 2018) We are sorry to announce that the gala dinner planned for 26 October 2018 at the Cité de l'Espace, in Toulouse, to inaugurate the SPACEBRAINS foundation, has been cancelled but is being considered for a later date.

Th ESA-backed SPACEBRAINS initiative will support young European researchers and entrepreneurs with futuristic projects in the space field. SPACEBRAINS will enable partnerships with the rich European fabric of universities and innovative players in the sector and around the world, to create an environment conducive to the success of ambitious projects undertaken. 

The gala evening will feature a star-studded dinner, the opportunity to mingle with space experts, pioneers and heads of industry, as well as the first ever official auction of rare space-related objects from ESA.

“On behalf of ESA and the SPACEBRAINS foundation, we will be delighted and honoured to meet you at this special meeting of the family of global aerospace stakeholders, supporting the talents of tomorrow,” says ESA’s Nathalie Dorval.

Gala packages

There are three levels at which you can support the foundation and join what promises to be a unique and exciting evening:

Premium (value on application): 
• Become a founding member of the SPACEBRAINS foundation
• Contribute, through its Scientific Committee, to the development of educational and research programmes
• TWO tables, reserved for 20 of your guests, featuring the logo of your company
• Media coverage of the event throughout ESA’s international networks
• Become an ambassador for the SPACEBRAINS foundation
• Exhibit your logo on posters and media of the event
• Opportunities for publication in the SPACEBRAINS newsletter, on its website and in other media
• Opportunity for a 20-minute platform to promote your ambition for space and education

Gold (value on application):  
• Table reserved for 10 of your guests, featuring the logo of your company
• Exhibit your logo on posters and media of the event
• Take part in the discussions of SPACEBRAINS foundation, via its think-tank panels, to contribute to tomorrow’s talent building
• Opportunity for a 15-minute platform to promote your space-related projects

Individual (value on application): 
• Become an honorary member of the SPACEBRAINS foundation
• Access to SPACEBRAINS aerospace industry networks
• Bring an accompanying guest

All participants, regardless of their level of participation, will be able to dine with space pioneers and astronauts, take part in the first ever European space rarities auction and access the Space Art exhibition. Every participant and guest will also receive a surprise gift.

Make your reservation now and subscribe at the following address (subject to availability):

Invitees will received a private invitation card and the auction catalogue, as well as their Honorary Member or Founding Member details, if applicable.

More information

Nathalie Dorval
Procurement Office, ESA ECSAT

Email: nathalie.dorval @
Tel: +33 5 61 333 829

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