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ESA Washington Office
Three generations of Heads of the ESA Washington office

ESA's Washington Office represents the Agency in the United States and in Canada. It is ESA’s oldest overseas office, initially set up in early 1970s to support the Spacelab negotiations and then reorganised as a general liaison office.


Roles and responsibilities

The Office represents ESA at all relevant levels before the governments of the United States and Canada, as well as before agencies and entities of these two nations.

Its primary roles are to inform ESA about major space-related developments taking place in these two countries, to support ongoing and future cooperation and to coordinate related actions. As part of the latter function, the Office works closely with Member States, the European Commission, and European industry representatives posted in the United States and Canada. The Washington Office supports all ESA staff working in the United States, in particular helping with procedural interaction with the United States government in the context of their assigned functions.

Last but not least, the Office contributes to the promotion of ESA’s programmes and activities in the United States and Canada.

Composition of the Office

The ESA Washington Office reports to ESA's International Relations Department at the Agency's headquarters in Paris (France). Andreas Diekmann is the Head of the Office. He is assisted by Mary Davis for the Office management and support actions. The team also receives temporary European interns working on specific topics and Young Graduate Trainees from ESA.

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