Eric Morel de Westgaver
Director of IPL

Eric Morel de Westgaver

Eric Morel de Westgaver took up duty as Director of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services (D/IPL) on 1 November 2013. He was appointed Head of HQ Paris
on 1 October 2016.

Eric Morel de Westgaver graduated in Economics from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. He joined ESA in 1987 as Industrial Policy Officer in the Directorate of Administration. In 2001, he became Head of the Industrial Policy and Cost Analysis Department in the Directorate of Industrial Matters and Technology Programmes.

Before his current appointment, he had been Director of Procurement, Financial Operations and Legal Affairs since April 2011 and before that, Head of the Procurement Department since October 2004 in the Directorate of Resources Management and Industrial Matters. In addition to this responsibility he was nominated Associate Director for Industrial Matters by the Director General in February 2010. In this capacity he conducted to completion the Procurement Reform in its regulatory and policy aspects to be in line with international best practices and to better control project costs and planning.

Eric Morel de Westgaver was appointed D/PFL (now D/IPL) for a term of four years.

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