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SISNeT is a new technology developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) that makes satellite navigation accessible via the Internet. Anyone with an Internet connection can tap into this service.

The SISNeT (Signal-in-Space through Internet) specialist website gives extensive information on the general and technical aspects, interface and documentation of the SISNeT system. It includes resources for:

  • scientists and engineers interested in the development of SISNeT applications
  • people interested in the general aspects of the SISNeT technology
  • people wanting to know about existing or planned SISNeT applications and their added value

The highly accurate navigation information made available by SISNeT comes from the EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) Signal-In-Space (SIS). The information is available in real time across the Internet. Without SISNeT this information could only be accessed using an EGNOS receiver.

Current applications of the SISNeT technology have included the development of a handheld receiver, based on an iPAQ Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). This has been demonstrated in a car as a navigation tool and outstrips the accuracy of current GPS systems. The system will be tested at the end of this year in buses around urban areas.

Other SISNeT applications are currently being assessed at ESA. One promising application aims at providing guidance information to blind pedestrians. While the performance of GPS-only systems in urban environments may not provide adequate accuracy for all of these applications, the combination with SISNeT may be an excellent solution.

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