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The wonders and glory of our planet are just a few clicks away. Download ESA’s first iBook and start discovering Earth from a new perspective.

Earth from Space: the Living Beauty provides a hands-on experience of how Earth works and how satellites contribute to this knowledge.

The digital publication has over 100 pages with interactive maps, stunning image galleries and animations that encourage you to discover the various Earth processes.

Earth’s interior, oceans, atmosphere, cryosphere and land are outlined through dedicated chapters.

Learn how satellites map earthquakes, study ocean salinity with an interactive 3D globe, watch the ash plume from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano spread over northern Europe, flip through an image gallery of picturesque glaciers or find out how fast our forests are disappearing.

The iBook closes with the chapter ‘The last of the wild’ focusing on the areas of the world with low human influence, such as deserts and rainforests. From their orbits about 800 km high, satellites can provide information on these remote areas without disturbing the local environments.

To download Earth from Space: the Living Beauty, open this page through your iPad browser and click on download.

Follow the instructions on your iPad screen (clicking the button ‘open with iBooks’ only once).

Earth from Space: the Living Beauty will be available soon on the iTunes store.

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