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Follow GOCE launch on Twitter

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ESA is about to launch GOCE, one of the most sophisticated Earth observation satellites ever flown, and now you can follow progress on ESA's Twitter channel,

Our new Twitter feed will be updated regularly throughout launch preparation, countdown and lift-off, and will follow GOCE as the spacecraft enters the critical early orbit phase.

ESA's Twitter feed will be 'fed' by the Web team at ESA's European Space Operations Centre, with input from from mission controllers, engineers, scientists and senior managers - and updates on launch activities at Plesetsk Cosmodrome. Our team will do their best to 'tweet' the latest information, as soon as possible!

Twitter is one of the newest social networking services on the Web, and our 'EuroSpaceAgency' feed enables you to follow GOCE activities minute-to-minute - in near real time - as the countdown counts down.

The ESA Twitter feed is provided as an unofficial source of background information, and ESA makes no warranty that the comments, opinions or information expressed in the feed are confirmed, accurate, official or in any way reflect the formal policies of the European Space Agency.

For the latest confirmed information relating to GOCE or any ESA activity, please check the main ESA Web portal.

See you on Twitter!

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