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How do you go about obtaining ESA Earth observation data products for your own use? The answer depends on the type of Earth observation data needed.

Most of the ESA Earth observation datasets are available on the Internet free of charge. Access is granted after user registration, which also provides the detailed content of the free datasets.

Some data products are generated only after specific user requests, as ESA may not have the capacity to generate all possible products systematically and make them all available online.

This group of datasets is called the 'restrained dataset', which is provided free of charge. Potential users must first provide a project proposal, allowing ESA to define a product/programming quota.

An Earth observation data access portal functions as access point for a wide variety of Earth observation resources. It features a directory to locate projects, services and datasets and provides direct access to satellite data as well as map servers and cartographic material.

To learn the full details on how to access available EO data, visit ESA data access page or contact the Earth observation helpdesk team.

ESA is also coordinating the acquisition and delivery of data from the Sentinel series of satellites for Europe‚Äôs Copernicus programme. Sentinel data are freely accessible through the Sentinel Online website.

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