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GOME-2 Ground Processor Prototype

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GOME-2 data will be transmitted from the MetOp satellite to the receiving stations via an X-band link. From there will be transmitted to the Core Ground Segment (CGS) operated by EUMETSAT.

The further processing steps are:

  1. Level 0-1 processing: augments the raw (level 0) data by geolocation and calibration parameters needed for further processing.
  2. One part of this calibration parameters is generated during on-ground calibration.
  3. Second part is derived from in-flight calibration measurements.
  4. The level 1 product is a calibrated, geolocated earth radiance spectrum, together with auxiliary information on polarisation and cloud fraction.
  5. The Ground Processor Prototype fulfils these tasks off-line and is going to validate the operational level 0-1 processing chain in the CGS.

Level 1 products are disseminated by the CGS to Satellite Application Facilities (SAF) for further processing.

Level 2 products are derived within 3 hours after acquisition

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