MetOp Second Generation instruments

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A list of the foreseen instruments. Some are provided by ESA and some will be procured by Eumetsat from other space agencies.

MetOp Second Generation concept
MetOp-SG-A MetOp-SG-B
Launch ~2019 ~2020/2021
Orbit LEO, polar, Sun-synchronous LEO, polar, Sun-synchronous
Altitude 817 km 817 km
Mass ~3000 kg ~2400
Lifetime 8.5 years 8.5 years
Intstruments 8 7
Visible Infrared Imager (DLR) Microwave Imager (ESA)
Microwave Sounder (ESA) Ice Cloud Imager (ESA)
Infrared Sounder (CNES) Scatterometer (ESA)
Radio Occultation (ESA) Radio Occultation (ESA)
Multi-view Multi-channel Multi-polarization imager (ESA) Argos Data Collection Service (NOAA/CNES)
Radiation Energy Radiometer (NOAA) Search and Rescue (COSPAS-SARSAT)
Sentinel-5 (ESA/GMES) Space Environment Monitor (NOAA)
Low Light Imager (NOAA)

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