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SARP-3 performance

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  • 406 MHz distress beacon messages can be received and processed down to a S/N of 34 dB.Hz
  • three messages can be received and processed in parallel
  • receiver bandwidth is 80 kHz
  • frequency is measured with an 200 mHz accuracy
  • time tagging accuracy is 50 microseconds
  • memory capacity is 2048 messages (can be extended to 2560 by ground command)

SARP-3 products

The Search and Rescue Processor (SARP-3) is one of the non-meteorological instruments on MetOp. It has been added to the payload based on inter-agency agreement (NOAA/COSPAS/Eumetsat) to guarantee continuity of the Search and Rescue System. As such the instrument does not provide a 'product' as the meteorological instruments do. Its value to the MetOp mission is to continue the search and rescue service.

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