GRAS data products

GRAS products

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The near-real-time products

The GRAS Level-1 products are processed in the Eumetsat Polar System (EPS) Core Ground Segment (CGS) located at Eumetsat in Darmstadt, Germany. Level-1b products from the EPS GRAS mission will be disseminated to the operational users of meteorological data within 2 h 15 min of the observation. All GRAS Level-1 products are to be archived and will be available to users via the Unified Meteorological Archive and Retrieval Facility (UMARF) from the EPS CGS. Level 2 products will be delivered within two hours by GRAS Satellite Application Facility (GRAS-SAF).


Level 1 products Level 2 products
Residual phase data Refractivity profiles
Sounding occultation table Temperature profiles
Navigation data Moisture profiles
Total bending angle as a function of the impact parameter at L1 and L2 Pressure profiles
Ionospheric corrected total bending angle (first order correction) Integrated precipitable water vapour
TEC Temperature and humidity retrieval parameters
Auxiliary data Observation error characteristics:
  • GPS precise orbit determination parameters
  • MetOp precise orbit determination parameters
  • time difference between GPS satellite, ground station and GRAS
Observation error characteristics TEC

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