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IASI spectral range

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The spectrometer covers the spectral range from the edge of the thermal infrared at 3.62 µm (2760 cm-¹), where solar backscatter begins to contribute, up to 15.5 µm (645 cm-¹) covering the peak of the thermal infrared and particularly the intense CO2 band around 666 cm-¹. Most of the information required by users is contained in the primary spectral regions inside this IASI spectral range.

Spectral range            Primary application            
650 to 770 cm-1 Temperature sounding (CO2 band)
770 to 980 cm-1 Surface and cloud properties 
1000 to 1070 cm-1 O3 sounding
1080 to 1150 cm-1 Surface and cloud properties 
1210 to 1650 cm-1 Water vapour temperature sounding: N2O, CH4 and SO2
2100 to 2150 cm-1 CO column amount 
2150 to 2250 cm-1 Temperature sounding: N2O column amount
2350 to 2420 cm-1 Temperature sounding 
2420 to 2700 cm-1 Surface and cloud properties 

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