PLM structural elements

Payload Module structural support

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PLM structural design
The MetOp PLM structural design concept is based on the Environmental Satellite (Envisat) and consists of a 'box' shape structure with a central cylinder as the main structural load path to the Service Module (SVM). The PLM structures can be categorised as being primary or secondary structural elements.



Primary structural elements, which transfer the main loads and provide the overall rigidity are:

  • central cylinder
  • shear walls
  • horizontal floors

Secondary structural elements, which are fixed on the primary structure and ensure the interface to the PLM equipment, units and instruments are:

  • 16 removable external panels including thermal doublers
  • balcony including support webs
  • solar array (SA) hold-downs for stowed configuration
  • instrument support/interface brackets (for SEM-MEPED, HIRS and AVHRR)
  • harness connector brackets
  • instrument radiators sun shields
  • lifting/handling points including necessary reinforcements (MGSE beam)
  • connector bracket cut-out covers (including venting baffles)

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