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MTG Industrial Days

MTG Industrial Days offer new business opportunities

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Over 200 people from European and US space industries recently gathered at ESA's Meteosat Third Generation Industrial Days meeting in the Netherlands to learn more upcoming opportunities to contribute to the programme.

The meeting was held on 26–27 January in Noordwijkerhout, close to ESA's ESTEC establishment. The aim was to provide detailed insight into the many opportunities for subcontracting that exist within the frame of the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) space segment procurement process.

The gathering also provided a unique forum for potential contributors to meet and exchange views.

Presentations were provided by ESA and the Core Team members of the MTG consortium: Thales Alenia Space (France), OHB and Kayser Threde, which are now available for download from the right-hand bar.

Meteosat Third Generation imager and sounder
Meteosat Third Generation imager and sounder

The presentations include a brief overview of the MTG programme, a summary of the Best Practice procurement process and a detailed review of the many items that will be subject to tender over the next twelve months to complete the MTG consortium. In all, over 120 items have been identified that will be subject to the Best Practice Procurement process, released in the frame of more than 80 Invitations to Tender actions.

The Meteosat Third Generation Programme is a cooperative venture between Eumetsat and ESA. ESA is responsible for the definition and procurement of the space segment elements for the imaging and sounder prototype satellites.

The series will comprise six satellites: four MTG-I imaging and two MTG-S sounding satellites. The first imaging satellite is scheduled for launch in late 2017, to ensure continuity with the Meteosat Second Generation Satellites currently in operation.

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