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Schoolkids invited to ESA’s Living Planet Symposium 2019

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School classes can come on a journey around the planet, by attending the Open Days of ESA’s Living Planet Symposium in Milan next May – among the world’s largest conferences devoted to satellite Earth observation.

The event, held every three years, attracts thousands of scientists and data users around Europe and the world. The Living Planet Symposium 2019 promises to be bigger and wider ranging than ever before, hosted at the MiCo Milano Congressi in Milan, Italy on 13-17 May.

Schoolchildren and their teachers can register to join more than 3000 researchers set to attend the Symposium. Elementary school students are welcome on 13–15 May and secondary school students on 16-17 May.

The Living Planet Symposium Open Days are designed to inspire young visitors with knowledge of European space research projects, environmental monitoring and Earth observation’s role in building a sustainable future.

The programme for the Open Days will be rich in information on observing the Earth, intended to encourage teamwork and scientific reasoning.

Living Planet 2019
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The single location where we can learn the most about our planet is found nowhere on Earth but high up above it. The ability to fly satellites into space has changed all our lives in many ways, but the single greatest innovation has been the availability of new ways of seeing the world that satellites leave behind.

Monitoring Earth from space plays a fundamental role in advancing our knowledge of how our planet works and how it is changing.

While our need to continue this monitoring of Earth’s environment and climate remains paramount, Earth observation has entered a new era where it is playing a key role in myriad applications to improve our daily lives, from Google Earth to precision farming.

The next Living Planet Symposium will see scientists present their latest satellite-derived findings on the terrestrial environment but will also focus on the ways Earth observation is helping build a more resilient society, and serving as the basis of emerging technologies and businesses.

As well as the schools-oriented Open Days, the European Commission is offering grants for European students enrolled in higher education programmes interested in attending the Living Planet Symposium 2019.

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