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The first step is to time-order and reformat the Swarm data to ‘Level-0’. These are then calibrated and processed to form ‘Level-1’ data products, which are disseminated to the Swarm user community. ESA’s Centre for Earth Observation, ESRIN, in Frascati, Italy, manages the PDGS and carries out checks to assure the quality of the data.

In addition to the Level-0 and Level-1 processing carried out by the PDGS, a European consortium of scientific institutions is responsible for processing the Level-1 data to Level-2 products. These products are also disseminated to the Swarm user community.

Level-0 are time-ordered raw data as measured by the Swarm satellites

Level-1 are time series along the satellites’ orbit for the various instruments

Level-2 are scientific models of magnetic fields originating from various sources and upper-atmosphere phenomena

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