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Boost to Italy's satellite services industry

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Over the next three years, the Italian government will contribute €19 million to ESA’s Integrated Applications Promotion telecom programme. An ‘ambassador platform’, launched today, will help to channel these funds to Italian industry.

Italy’s strong commitment to space applications was announced at the Council Meeting at Ministerial Level in Lucerne, Switzerland, on 2 December.

To support this, the ambassador platform set up by ESA in cooperation with Italy’s ASI space agency was inaugurated today in Rome, Italy by Roberto Battiston, ASI President, and Nick Appleyard, Head of ESA Integrated Applications.

Ambassador platforms are strategically placed around Europe to make it easier for new businesses to access ESA support and co-funding for space downstream application development. Now Italy has joined this group.

ESA’s Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme offers a range of co-funding levels, tailored to each case. For instance, up to 75% funding, capped at €60 000, can be made available for small start-up projects, while most activities involve 50% funding matched by industry. Support to large demonstration projects could exceed €1 million.

Italian businesses outside the space sector could also benefit from this funding if they develop applications that make use of space assets, such as satellite communications, satellite navigation or Earth observation data.

Nick Appleyard commented: “ESA’s Ambassador Platform Italy will follow the economic priorities of Italian industry and government, to help stimulate growth among space-related businesses there.”

The platform complements the ESA Business Incubation Centre set up earlier this year to help start-up companies turn their ideas into viable businesses.

For further information, please contact:

Orietta Lanciano
Ambassador Platform Italy for ARTES Applications – KETLab,
Via del Politecnico snc 
00133 Roma, Italy
Tel: +39 06 856 7427

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