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The Dutch spin-off company emxys NL develops and commercializes intelligent textile based products for health monitoring applications.

Emxys NL first product is for personal health monitoring of athletes, an application with great interest among amateur and professional athletes who want simple instruments to record their training sessions, store them easily and keep track of the progress.

Furthermore, the introduction and today’s success of virtual networks through the Internet allow instant sharing of personal data with other people; this could be authorized individuals, such as specialists monitoring the athlete, or even a larger community.

emxys' trainGrid
emxys' trainGrid

Named trainGrid, the product can also provide real time data and results for on-line publications on training sessions for general guidance, for organizing common events, track teams even country-wide, or just for fun.

Emxys NL is a spin-off company from emxys, a Spanish company specialized in the design of high performance electronic instruments and computer-based systems for medical, industrial and aerospace markets. The team involved in this project brings together more than 30 years of expertise in the design of high performance electronic devices and software for a variety of specialized applications.

Project: trainGrid

Emxys NL objective is to evolve sport training by providing real time data on athletes’ performance. The technology is based on portable electronic device, integrated in a special conductive fabrics T-shirt, which allows the measurement of the ECG (electrocardiogram) signal in real time, the body temperature, the relative position of the body in three dimensions (3-D) with integrated gyroscopes and the geographic position, by use of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), initially GPS.

This device is in permanent contact by use of Bluetooth with a mobile phone that is used as human machine and monitoring interface. The data may be shared by the user through a social network in real time, if a GPRS Internet connection is available, or at a later time when the phone is synchronized with a computer, as for contacts, daily schedules and emails.

trainGrid monitoring on cellular phone
trainGrid monitoring on cellular phone

The product will be the first on the market addressing every athlete and not only focusing one type of sport.

Initially the trainGrid product will use the mobile Nokia Symbian S60 platform which is in common in Europe and will rely on three market niches of great potential today: mobile terminals and communications, Internet social networking and healthcare and sports.

From space to industry

Personal health monitoring of astronauts has been a must in every space mission. Besides the accuracy of the equipment and its ability to provide distinct biophysical measurements, space based systems need to combine several features that permit its continuous use within the space environment in close contact with human operators: ruggedness, simplicity, power autonomy and comfort for the user.

This project makes use of the knowledge from space systems, monitoring astronauts, embedded electronics, and product development for mass markets.

ESA Business Incubation

Jose A. Carrasco, CEO emxys NL
Jose A. Carrasco, CEO emxys NL

The experience of ESA in many aspects of the product has been the main benefit of the incubation period in ESA Business Incubation centre in ESTEC. Furthermore, the support of ESA staff and the contacts and exchange of experience with other companies under incubation have widened the possibilities of success of the product, in particularly in the area of promotion.


Emxys NL is being hosted at the ESA Business Incubation centre at ESTEC from December 2007.


Jose A. Carrasco, Inventor


Jose A. Carrasco, CEO,
Francisco Garcia de Quiros, CTO,

Website: and

Embedded Instruments and Systems
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ES03206 Elche – Alicante – Spain
Phone +34 96 666 22 73
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Emxys NL
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P.O.Box 299, Keplerlaan 1
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The Netherlands
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