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ESA BIC Madrid Region

The ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Madrid Region opens in 2015 and is managed by Fundación madri+d (Madrimasd Knowledge Foundation) and supported by the Regional Government of Madrid. 

The centre is 50% co-financed by ESA and by the Regional Ministry of Economical Affairs, Employment and Treasury.

ESA funding has been guaranteed through the Spanish Delegation at the ESA, consisting of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism through its General Secretariat of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, and the Center for Development Industrial technology (CDTI).

Regional and national partner institutions include: Madrid Aerospace Cluster - Madrid Aeronautical and Space Platform (MPAE), the Spanish Official Association of Telecommunication Engineers (COIT), Madrid Science Park (PCM), the National Institute for Innovation Financing (ENISA) and the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA).

ESA BIC Madrid Region partners:


Fundación madri+d is a reference centre for science and technology in the Region of Madrid with extensive experience of 20 years in the creation and consolidation of science and technology-based startups.

Your ESA BIC Madrid Region contact person: Carlos Romero


ESA BIC Madrid Region
Carlos Romero, Manager
Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+d
Av. de las Arcas del Agua nº 2
28905 Getafe,  Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 616 454 374

Wish to join an ESA BIC?

  • Your idea must be based on space-related technology, expertise and/or application and target the non-space market
  • Your company must not be older than five years or you are going to start a new company
  • Your company has to be located at and managed from your preferred ESA BIC

Join the ESA BIC by five steps

  • Choose ESA BIC where you wish to locate your business
  • Contact the ESA BIC manager (email to: )
  • Download the Permanent Open Call for Proposal for your application guidance (from here or contact the ESA BIC Madrid Region Manager)
  • Download and fill in the Application Templates on right navigation bar, ready for downloading
  • Send your signed and completed application files to the ESA BIC manager.


Why ESA BIC Madrid Region?

ESA BIC Madrid Region proposes a strong support structure with different partners and the selected companies hosted at ESA BIC Madrid Region will have access to :

  • personalized assistance offered by the referent support structure, i.e. professional business guidance
  • training and services provided by Fundación madri+d
  • the opportunity to be supported by business appointments in other regions
  • strong technical support of the partner institutions
  • customized support for finding national and international financial and engineering partners
  • support in investment readiness and financing search


Headquarters is at Comunidad de Madrid Centre for Entrepreneurship located the south of Madrid in Getafe which provides a comprehensive support services centre for entrepreneurs playing a pivotal role covering the entire regional territory. 

Incubation Premises:  Business incubation is offered at four technology houses promoted by five of the most renowned public universities and by S&T Centers, with offices and laboratory space for entrepreneurs:

  • UPM Montegancedo Business Incubator in Pozuelo, Madrid West 
    Main sectors: ICT, engineering, construction, transport, logistics, aerospace, agrofood, environment, software solutions, energy, chemistry, materials, automotive, automation, robotics.
  • PCM Business Incubator in Tres Cantos, Madrid North
    Main sectors: ICT, chemistry (chem-incubators), health, life science (including bio-incubators), nanomaterials and nanotechnologies (nano-incubators), environment and renewable energies.


Business Support: The start-ups´ business development is reinforced with the support of:

  • Fundación Madri+d, facilitating access to its start-up consolidation services:
    • Business Training covering business plans, management skills, investment readiness, online marketing, legal Advice and access to madri+d experts
    • Business legal, tax and accounting advisory services
    • Mentoring business growth and consolidation including access to madri+d Mentoring Network (Red Mentores Madrid). Mentors are successful entrepreneurs, managers or experts with extensive experience in the creation, growth and/or consolidation of companies
    • Support in seeking public and private funding and access to madri+d Business Angel Network (BAN madri+d) and Investment Forums
    • Support in the dissemination new technology business, i.e. through its S&T leader website with the inclusion of news, videos , interviews, etc.
  • Other partners including: Madrid Aerospace Cluster, Madrid Aeronautical and Space Platform (MPAE), facilitating access to more than 50 partner companies; COIT, the Spanish Official College of Telecommunication Engineers with more than 12,000 members; Madrid Network through its public-private network of more than 750 partners.


Technical support: The start-ups’ technical development is complemented with technological and scientific expertise of universities and R&D institutions (UPM, UC3M, URJC, PCM (UAM, UCM, CSIC, CIEMAT), ESA-ESAC and INTA including:

  • Promoting research and innovation to meet the socio-economic needs of its surroundings.
  • Driving cooperation between the different members of the research and innovation system: government, businesses, universities, research centres and interface organisations.
  • Information and advice on research projects, technological development and innovation.
  • Collaborative R&D and Technology Development projects by research groups at the Universities, Joint Research Units and Innovation and Technology Centers.
  • Access to scientific-technical infrastructures, laboratories or Computing Center.
  • Support in the protection of industrial and intellectual property (patents and licenses) and advice in technology management.
  • Internships, final degree projects and doctoral thesis by students from science and engineering schools.
  • Information and advice on grants, vacancies, contracts, or educational agreements

ESA BIC Madrid Region start-up companies
The following companies was hosted at ESA BIC Madrid Region  by February 2017:

Development of a high performance family of products for drones, i.e. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This includes: UAV autopilot production for both fixed and rotatory wing with maximum take-off weight (MTOW) from 3 Kg to 250 Kg, on board image processor, autopilot UAV pilot, UAV camera and more.

Development of an industrial monitoring system to control environmental pollution as well as artificial atmospheres or heavily polluted areas. This includes: environmental controller system, infrared sensors for pollution detection, environmental consulting for urban areas and more.

Research and development of electric and hybrid solutions applied to aviation, aeronautics, electric vehicle and energy storage. This includes: the hybrid propulsion system AX-40S for aviation, high power batteries, a smart battery management system), programmable integrated WiFi, control and monitoring APPs, battery design and manufacturing, hybrid and electric propulsion system design and manufacturing.

Canard uses ultra-fast, autonomous drones instead of manned aircraft to calibrate aeronautical navigational aid systems in airports. This includes: calibration of visual navigational aid systems (PAPI), calibration of radio navigational aid systems (ILS/VOR/DME) and more.

Design and manufacturing of heavy-duty drones to be used in wildfire firefighting operations and precision agriculture. This includes: wildfire firefighting support during day operations, wildfire firefighting support during night operations, firefighting drone for sale, precision agriculture services, fumigation drones for sale and more.

Development of drone-based information systems to provide accurate position data for their out-of-sight operation. This includes: Transponder, data link and autopilot.

Innovations based on European Global Navigation Satellite Technologies to improve safety and efficiency in activities developed in open environments. This includes: the sensory guidance for blind people Blind Explorer, the open programming navigation sensor KYNEO, the geolocation system for environments without mobile coverage SICRA and GNSS technology consultancy and assistance services.
More on GEKO NAVSAT at

Start-up created for R&D and aerospace design with the goal to become experts in the design of drones, i.e. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian use with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) above 150kg. This includes: a nitrofirex system, night-time aerial firefighting, development of fixed wing UAVs, R&D and airspace project management, aerospace engineering consulting.

OBUU is a company that was born in the aerospace sector with the main objective to reduce the direct investment in integral stock for the maintenance of complex systems, to improve the fleet operative availability. This includes: the development of an integral stock optimization mathematical model, the implementation of the mathematical model into an algorithm, interoperability with data bases and APIs, continuous development to improve related capabilities.
More on OBUU at

Development of solar simulators with LEDs, that replicate sun radiation, to study the behavior of solar technologies with high precision, reduced consumption and at an affordable price. This includes : sun simulators with LEDs, didactic systems for solar spectrum replica, design and construction of mechanical systems for the industry, simulation of optics, thermal, structural and fluidynamics.

Sigma Rail brings innovation to the railway industry using for drones, i.e. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This includes Skylynx, the first fully integrated solution for railway signaling, maintenance and surveillance increasing safety and reducing costs.
More on SIGMA RAIL at

Fully automated satellite image analysis and target recognition with a self-developed algorithm and machine learning. This includes: automated target recognition and search, maritime security, pattern analysis, surveillance in remote areas, logistics and Internet of Things.
More on SKANSENSE at

Development of unmanned surface vehicles (USV), which are unmanned boats for naval applications, with a typical length between 5 and 10 meters. This includes: USV for security application in port areas, USV for borders surveillance, provision of services to clients (with UTEK proprietary USV’s).
More on UTEK at

Development of service platforms based on hardware add-ons and software applied to the Internet of Things sector. This includes: The service platform for monitoring and location of workers in hazardous environments VardiaN and optimization services for grazing management using satellite imagery.

For an updated list, visit: ESA BIC Madrid Region page presenting all the start-ups (in Spanish).

ESA Business Incubation Centres

ESA Business Incubation Centres
ESA Business Incubation Centres

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