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The following companies are doing or have completed their incubation period at ESA's Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC ) Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Sector: Health
Company Product and contact person
Active Space Technologies  Intelligent clothing for continues personal climate contral

B. Carvalho
Bradford Instruments Sterilization device for dentists' tools

S. van Voorthuisen, Raoel Voeten
DiSAPS  Guiding-system for blind people

M.C. Terzi, Michele Bavaro
EMXYS Biomedical shirt build-in instruments combined with GNSS location

Francisco Carcia
HISTAR Solutions Early-warning malaria system using satellite Earth observation and ground sensors

E.Anderson, T.Girard, G.Ottavianelli
Ipotuba Transport system for frozen tissue samples

Bernhard Sixt
Mathcomp Medical Systems
Ultrasound Breast Cancer Treatment Device: Active Fu

Hugo Brunsveld Van Hulten
Selene Baby Care Innovations  Preventive monitor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (BabyGuard)

K.Verhaert, D. Robberecht

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